Real Estate Investment

Investment opportunities in one of the most lucrative business sectors in Nigeria

Are you looking for real estate investing opportunities? Real Estate property investment business is one of the most lucrative business sectors in Nigeria after Oil and Gas especially in urban areas. With Lagos being the most urbanized agglomeration in the country the city occupies a prime position in property investment opportunities.


Well located apartments in certain prime areas of the city tend to be in high demand and could therefore guarantee real estate investors excellent returns on investment.  

The Lekki neighborhood happens to be one of such prime areas with attractive residential property investment opportunities. Savvy property developers in Lagos are able to take advantage of emergent opportunities and in some locations, offer lucrative property investment opportunities to Investors which in instances yield quite significant returns on principal investment, whilst also ensuring comparatively early reversion of the principal within a few years of investment.


Buy, building, leasing and renting are various ways one can make money from real estate investment. In this respect Beachway Homes acts as a preferred channel for ensuring its clients get some of the best properties and deals available on the market.

At Beachway Homes, we identify multifarious property investment opportunities for our clients, be it residential property investment, real estate for sale in Lagos, general property investments,off-plan properties, resale property, and various others.

In addition, whether you are an individual one-off Property Investor or Portfolio Investor, we offer one of the best property management services post-purchase you can get in Lagos and Lekki.

We also offer management services to assist landlords who are looking to either lease or sell properties they may have acquired through other channels. Our services run across a broad spectrum that ranges from marketing the property for rental, preparation of lease agreements, lease administration and rent collection, remittance of annual regulatory charges, etc. thus greatly simplifying your property acquisition and management process.

Whether you are looking for an off-plan investment property or a property resale opportunity, at Beachway Homes we will find you the best real estate investing opportunity that fits your requirements.  How can we help you? Contact us today.