4 important things to consider when buying a family home

——  March 21, 2022

The home buying process is a delicate one that requires patience and a clear understanding of features that matter to you and your loved ones. Not all affordable real estate properties are right for families, hence the need to know the things that are important to you and your family.

Knowing what features you are looking for also helps your realtor to understand and prioritize your need and eliminate houses that are not fit for your needs.

Before you jump at that seemingly affordable real estate property, here are features to look out for, putting your families into consideration.

1. Location, location, location!!!

No level of affordability should beat the right location. Be sure that the neighbourhood is safe enough for you and your family. Also, consider other factors of a good location such as its proximity to main roads and to places you frequent the most (work, school, recreation centres, place of worship).

You might also want to consider your family and friends and how close the location is to them.

2. Size and Space

What is the essence of an affordable real estate property when your family can’t live comfortably in it? Do your due diligence, check how spacious the surroundings are and how big the home itself is.

Think long term, can it accommodate your future plan for a new child or visiting family and friends. If you decide to set up an office space, would the home accommodate it? And if you choose to acquire things like cars and home appliances, would you still have enough space?

If that affordable real estate property cannot accommodate your plans, then maybe it’s not right for you.

3. Kitchen Layout

Many believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home since it is where good food for the family comes out. If this is so for you, then it is important to check that the affordable real estate you are looking at for your family has a spacious kitchen and the layout is satisfying.

Ask for your partner’s preferences and be clear on the number of kitchen appliances and utensils that can fit into the available space. If it meets your need, then go for it by all means.

4. The  Bedrooms (and Bathrooms)

How many bedrooms would you and your family like? How big should each bedroom be? Will you need adjoining facilities to any of the rooms, like a study?

The bedroom is the core of your living space, so it is important to pay particular attention to the details of that component of any house you are considering. You will be spending so many nights in that house, and so you must be sure that it embraces your lifestyle, needs and preferences.

While some families would love that their kids share bedrooms, others would prefer that they have separate rooms. Do not forget to also put into consideration future children addition or family and friends.

The size and layout of each bedroom also matter. Is it spacious enough? Is it well ventilated? Does it allow enough light in? Think carefully about your lifestyle and what will enhance it.

There are many more features that you should look out for in that affordable real estate property. Do not ignore signs that show a real estate property is not right for you and be sure that you are able to maintain whatever home you eventually choose.