Top reasons why you should get your next home in Lekki

——  October 6, 2021

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security”. -Suze Orman

At a certain point along almost every individual’s life trajectory, owning a home becomes a cardinal objective, this is especially so in Lagos, Nigeria where residential accommodation tends to be quite expensive and one can easily spend a huge chunk of one’s salary on rentals for several years making it more and more difficult over time to acquire one’s own home. As real estate developers in the Lagos area of Lekki, we see many young couples decide to take the plunge early with regards to acquiring a home in Lagos.

Within the Lagos area, one observes a strong tendency for many aspiring homeowners to want to buy a home in any of the sought after residential estates in Lekki  and there are good reasons why this tends to be the case. In the light of this, we would want to look at some of the reasons for this trend and see why it might be to your advantage to buy your first or perhaps next house in Lekki.

The Natural Lekki Ambience

Lekki has a certain appeal to it that many other locations in Lagos do not have. Lekki is a natural peninsula, a roughly linear landform bounded on its longer sides by two large bodies of water – the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagos Lagoon  – while being connected to the Lagos mainland through Victoria Island and Ikoyi. With the presence of these important water bodies, Lekki is a natural Leisure and Tourist haven and its scenic waterside and beach views give it a compelling attraction. Apart from these two water bodies, there are other water channels, lakes and mini-lagoons within the peninsula that add to Lekki’s natural beauty and ambience.

Lekki – The Future Business and Industrial Hub of Lagos

Buying a home in Lekki presents a great residential property investment opportunity. The Lekki peninsula which is still developing physically and in terms of infrastructure is being positioned as the future business and logistics hub of Lagos and indeed the South-Western region of Nigeria. This is being done mainly through the development of the Lekki Free Trade zone  and the associated Lekki Deep Seaport.

Whilst the Free Trade zone which is a private initiative provides for the development of industrial and manufacturing clusters including the acclaimed Dangote Refinery, the Lekki Deep Seaport is meant to facilitate exports of the finished goods and products thus generating significant economic activities in the area.

An international airport is also being planned at the tip of the Peninsula close to Epe which will similarly facilitate ingress and egress of Tourists, Businessmen and Expatriate workers visiting or working in the Free Trade zone. These developments have no doubt continued to stimulate appreciation in land and property values in the entire Lekki axis and thus present an immense investment opportunity for those who decide to buy houses in Lekki.

Availability of Land and Variety of New Builds

As Lekki is still a developing area relative to most other parts of Lagos, large tracts of land remain available for investment and construction purposes. For those looking to invest in Real Estate at the most basic level therefore, Lekki is arguably the most attractive location to look at in this regard as it presents the most viable location for buying land and building to one’s specification. Due to the availability of land also, Lekki has become the preferred investment destination for a majority of real estate developers which results in a surfeit of new builds in the Lekki area. Thus, if one is looking at Real estate investment at the new build level too, Lekki also remains the preferred location to consider.

Consistent Rise in Property Values

Due to the fact that Lekki is still a developing area coupled with the huge commercial investments currently being made in the Lekki axis, property values in the entire Lekki peninsula continue to rise. This rise in property values is further fuelled by the activities of speculators seeking to take positions in anticipation of future benefits. This trend of continued rise in property values in addition, present as both a favourable investment history for the area and also as a good investment opportunity for discerning observers who may wish to take advantage of same.

Numerous Shopping and Leisure Facilities

Another factor that makes buying a home in Lekki so attractive is the fact that Lekki perhaps has the greatest concentration of Shopping Malls as well as Leisure & lifestyle outlets such as Cinema Halls, Fitness centers etc. in Lagos. The presence of these kinds of facilities ensures that buying your home in Lekki gives you a better opportunity to achieve the desired work-life balance that is the goal of many individuals desirous of living a contemporary lifestyle.

Thriving Service Sector

In the Lekki area, due to the rapid growth of residential accommodation, private entrepreneurs have sought to take advantage of the burgeoning population by providing numerous services required by the residents. These services include Educational facilities, Hospitals and clinics, Pharmacies, Supermarkets and ‘Village markets’, Laundries, Restaurants etc. the presence of these facilities not only make it more attractive and convenient for those desirous of a home, to buy houses in Lekki, they also present an opportunity for those seeking to provide such services to as well acquire homes in the Lekki area and ensure proximity to their businesses. In this wise, Lekki can be considered as an evolving holistic business-residential environment providing a relatively great level of convenience to people living within the district and with little need to interact with other proximate residential/business districts

From the forgoing, it can be seen that there are few cities in Nigeria that can compete with the amenities Lekki has to offer, and if prior to now, you have never considered getting a home in Lekki, we believe with the information we have provided you should now see why it is definitely something worth looking at. Our company Beachway Homes is engaged in building homes of the highest standards within the Lekki axis and we suggest you contact us today  to make a booking and see our available properties for sale in the Lekki area of Lagos  so you can join the numerous individuals enjoying the perks of living in Lekki.