9 Tips for Maximizing Sale of your Home

——  June 14, 2022

If you are ever thinking of selling your house, your priority should be to get the highest price possible for it. And in order to achieve this, you must think more like a buyer rather than a seller. Adopting such a mindset will enable you to optimize the condition of the building such that the value of the house increases substantially. The cornerstone of this strategy is that a good ambiance adds value. However, this should be done in a subtle manner such that any enhancements do not necessarily increase the appraised value or your property tax bill.

Here are a few tips:

1. Start with the Exterior

This is the first thing that potential purchasers notice. Prioritize improvements that can be seen immediately someone walks through the gate. Fixing the facade will almost certainly get you a better deal than making sure the foundation is sound… though that is just as important!

2. Make the Property premises presentable

Most buyers will not even venture into the premises if there are signs of neglect. It is necessary to create a good first impression, an intentional pleasing ambiance that a visitor gets once they enter the property. One should make sure there that there is no litter within the premises lying around, whilst any internal drains should be well kept.

3. Invest in some basic landscaping

This does not however imply that you should invest money in a redesign. Hedges, trees, and bushes should be well pruned and weeds in flower beds uprooted.

4. Have the interior repainted and the tiles cleaned

Most buyers want to move in right away. Few would consider investing in a house where they need to get work done.

5. Clean up the interiors and reduce clutter.

A room becomes a home when it has sparkling windows, clean drapes, nice upholstery, colorful cushions, flowers on tables, and a few strategically placed artworks or photographs. It adds warmth to the space and attracts people to look about.

6. Pay attention to odors.

What may seem fragrant to you may be repulsive to others. Invite a friend in to inspect on your behalf. Many people find pet odors, insecticides, herbs, deodorants, incense, spices, and other similar odors disagreeable. When curries are made, or eggs or bacon are fried, the aroma tends to linger and this should be addressed prior to any inspections.

7. Spruce up the kitchen and bathrooms with colorful towels and inexpensive fixtures.

8. Have the house cleaned from top to bottom. There should be no evidence of mold, mildew, or leaks.

9. Arrange the furniture and lamps to create a welcoming atmosphere. If you have too much furniture or emotional items, consider having them stored.

NOTE: Do ensure you never overspend or make alterations that are not compatible with the area where your property is located as you might not be able to get commensurate value for any extensive renovations. Bear in mind though that 80-90% of the costs of sprucing up your property can be recovered if done correctly. If you suspect that your emotions or sentiments may cloud your judgment, however, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. In this wise, you can ask an interior designer or a real estate consultant for some pointers.

In addition to all the foregoing, also bear in mind that the internet today is an invaluable source of information and you can carry out some research which can stimulate your mind and also give you direction. Finally, it is important to engage the services of a professional Real Estate consultant such as Beachway Homes to facilitate the sale, as this should greatly reduce the likelihood of error and other undesirable outcomes that frequently occur when professionals are not involved in such an important activity as selling a home, especially in a city like Lagos.